Pre-Purchase Examinations

Pre-purchase examinations, also known as ‘vettings’ are designed to detect any abnormalities which may make the horse unsuitable for its intended purpose. There are two pre-purchase examinations available, consisting of either five or two stages. We can perform pre-purchase exams at either the vendors/purchaser’s premises or at our clinic.

The five stage pre-purchase examination is the most thorough examination and we would recommend this unless buying a very young or unbroken horse.

The five stages consist of:

Stage 1 – Examination of the horse at rest

Stage 2 – Dynamic Assessment of the horse

Stage 3 – Rest

Stage 4 – Strenuous Exercise (Ridden)

Stage 5 – Final dynamic Assessment

To book a pre-purchase examination or for further enquiries please call our office on 01257 422618 or use or email form in Contact Us.