NUVEQ® Summit Hay Steamer

NUVEQ® – Full steam ahead to a healthy horse.
The new nuveq hay steamer tackles cause and symptoms simultaneously with dust-free, germ-free and spore-free hay, for healthy horses that can breathe deeply and run across the meadows. Fewer breathing problems – more zest for life.

The advantages of the nuveq hay steamer

A stable hay steamer that can withstand everything in everyday stable life. There is no such thing as overheating.The evaporator must be flexible and robust. Descaling is not necessary.Faster to temperature. By heating up small amounts of water, you can reach 100 degrees in no time with the FS animal health nuveq steamer and save a lot of time with the first process.Hay steamed all around. Our 360° steaming system ensures that there are no cold and unsteamed spots.Everything is possible: hay can be steamed in nets, loosely or as small bales. Ideal for all cases. Cleaned quickly and easily. Effectively. 

Steaming hay for healthy horses 

Eliminating the cause of horses coughing is far more effective than just treating symptoms. Steaming helps coughing horses.Allergenic bacteria, mould, fungi, mite feces, endotoxins or beta-glucans can lead to respiratory inflammation and diseases such as equine asthma (also COPD) and recurrent airway obstruction (RAO).When steaming hay, dust is bound and all harmful bacteria and mould are almost completely killed.Steaming hay reduced the number of respirable particles by more than 93%. Nutrients are retained.A hay steamer belongs in every barn to improve the hygiene of the hay.